Why Study in China

1. Eligible for any medical licensing examination.

2. Graduate with a globally recognize medical degree.

3. On par with western higher education in medicine.

4. Easy getting admission to a top medical university.

5. Living costs and tuition are considerably lower in China

6. Immersing yourself into an international studying environment.

7. Plenty of quality hospitals for internship.

8. Colorful and fulfilling campus life.

9. Study in a society with excellent public security.

10. Explore the long-standing history and profound culture.

11. Recognized by NMC & other countries.

Documents Required to apply for MBBS in China

1.  Application Form for International Students

2.   The notarized photocopies of the certificates for the last degree and graduation

3. The notarized photocopy of the transcript for the last degree and graduation

4.   A photocopy of the valid passport (Photo page)

Standard Document To Apply for Visa

1 A valid passport (Make sure your passport is valid for longer time otherwise your residence permit will have to be re-applied after your passport expires. A new passport’s application will take some time, and the time needed varies from country to country.)

2. Recent passport-sized photos

3. Visa application form

4. JW-202/201 form (Remember to bring back the original copy to China)

5. Admission Notice

6. Physical Examination Record

Some universities of China

Jinggangshan University is a full-time integrated university for regular bachelor-level education, favored with joint key support by both Education Ministry and Jiangxi Provincial Government of China as well as partner assistance by famous Tongji University of China in Shanghai. The University is located at the foot of Mount Jinggangshan_the famous cradle of Chinese Revolution, and in the downtown of Ji??an Municipality, Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi Province, located at the southern bank of middle and lower reaches of Yangtse River in southeastern China, has a total land area of 1669000 square kilometers, 11 municipalities including districts and counties, and a population of 41.4 million. Jiangxi has a galaxy of talents arising from the ancient times, named after the old saying Fruitful Nature, in this God Heaven; Intelligent Individuals, on this Divine Land. More and more domestic and overseas guests and businessmen, attracted by its location advantage, natural resources and investment environment, are investing here so far. In 2007, Ji'an Municipality signed sister cities with Solano County of California, USA, and started cooperation and exchange in education, economy and health.

Hubai University for Nationalities is mainly based on undergraduate education and it is a multi-disciplinary and multi-level institution of higher education and locates in southwest Hubai provience---Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous prefecture.The campus of the university is surrounded with hills and waters,boasting of green trees and patches of lust grass and providing a tranquil environment for learning and relaxation.


  Founded in 1947, Jiamusi University is located in the charming city with optimum ecological environment, Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang Province in China. After more than 60 years’ development and construction, the university has found its way into the list of high-level universities given top priority by Heilongjiang Government. overing an area of 1.5 million square meters with the construction area of 1,020,000 square meters contained, the university has twenty-six colleges and sixty-nine research institutes. In the case of specialty setting, the disciplines involve 11 fields: literature, science, engineering, medicine, economics, education, law, history, management, agriculture and art. It has seventy majors of undergraduate degree, ten first level Master's degree subjects, seven second level Master's degree subjects and three professional Master's degree subjects.

Fee structure
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